A Unique, small, publishing house
that specializes in very small runs and one offs.

Based in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, we have been doing special projects for 10 years. What started out as a gift to a dear friend has turned into a very specialized bookbinding service. We do not take on many commissions, only those whom we think merit our attention. This allows us to provide a very personalized service tailor-made for each individual whom we work with.

A bonus is that an actual ISBN number can be provided for your book as part of our service. The only requirement is a book is made for Archives Canada in addition to the copy, or copies, that you would like to have made.

How it all started...
on my dining room table

I decided to make a very special gift for a very old and dear friend. This is part way through the book making process.

It took just over
two months and a
steep learning curve

I had to learn how to use an actual publishing program (at the time it was Scribus) and also learn the nomenclature associated with book binding. Not easy to do when one has a deadline to meet!

And I ended up with a
beautiful small book

After many steps, lots of hours and anxious moments the results were wonderful. It was one of the most rewarding feelings to be able to hold a book in my hands that I had made.

So I made another one a few years later!

This time I knew what it would take and it was much easier having already done it once. This time I used Quark Xpress for the layout and found it vastly superior to Scribus. I also added a silk bag for the book that was also hand dyed.

Here is the beginning
of the second book

It looks simple, but just for the printing one has to learn some technical stuff about imposing the pages. This is to do with making sure the pages are in the right order depending on the style of book one will be making.

And this is how
it looked when finished

This time it took less than two weeks, even with the addition of the silk bag, as the learning curve had been steepest with the first book. The result was again quite wonderful.

And our latest project?

One that has been 14 months in the making from start to finish with 6 letter sized books being made. Quite an undertaking and countless hours of dedication. But well worth it.